The Real Reason You Aren’t Winning: How to Fix Your Mentality and Build Habits

I’m a sucker for self-improvement, whether it’s with my graphic designing, my aim, or any new hobby I pick up, I always try to inform myself, and find ways to improve efficiency. One of the first things I picked up on this path to building up my skills is how the mental aspect of improving at a certain skill is just as important as working on the mechanical aspects of it. For a game like VALORANT, the mentality you have when going into a competitive match or a deathmatch is going to greatly chan

What It Takes to Be the Best: Motivation and Goals Guide Featuring Showliana

You can daydream about being good, you can plan out aim routines, watch and read guides, but if you don’t have the motivation, nothing will happen. “Just get motivated!” Yeah I know, sounds easier said than done. There’s a lot of pitfalls that people fall into that can keep them in an unmotivated rut. Today, with the help of Dignitas Valorant’s Juliana “showliana” Maransaldi, we’ll talk about how to set proper goals to motivate you, how to keep yourself motivated, and hopefully get you started o

Keeping Up as KAY/O: A Semi-Advanced Guide to Help You Master Valorant’s Newest Agent

KAY/O is an interesting agent, to say the least. With his suppressive ZERO/POINT, demolishing FRAG/MENT, or his outright busted pop flash-driven FLASH/DRIVE, KAY/O is shaping up to be one of the most powerful agents in the whole game. With all that in mind, why, according to, does he only have a measly 42% win rate competitive? This is almost solely due to one simple reason, most people do not know how to play him yet. Today, we will try our best to remediate the situation by teach

Showliana Discusses the Path to Becoming a Pro Player and Expectations That Come With It

With esports rapidly growing, more and more people are flocking to put their hat in the ring to compete in games at the top level. With that influx of people, comes a lot of people making mistakes and not knowing what to do. So we talked to Juliana "showliana" Maransaldi about her own path to becoming a pro and talked about what it takes to become a professional player. Hey Showliana! Let’s talk about your career and how you got to where you are currently. First of all, what personally drove yo

EMUHLEET Shares How to Learn From Event Performances

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that being a pro gamer isn’t a cakewalk, but what exactly goes into making a superstar team? To help answer that, I talked to a long-time champion and seasoned veteran of our VALORANT squad, Emmalee “EMUHLEET” Garrido, about what she and the coach do with their team to make sure they dominate the competition. Hey EMUHLEET! I actually have some questions about the work that goes into your team behind the scenes, specifically after a major tournament. For starte

Stefanie Talks About the Work That Goes Into Becoming the Best in Valorant

Being a professional gamer sounds like the dream, playing video games all the time as a career? Sure, it would be nice, but pros have a lot of responsibilities and have to put in a TON of work to become the best of the best. So, I sat down with our VALORANT squad’s entry fragger, Stefanie “Stefanie” Jones, to see what work they put in as a professional VALORANT player. Hey Stefanie. Let’s talk about ways to improve as a Valorant player. For starters, how important is doing work outside of pract

How to Ascend Your Cypher Gameplay: A Setup Guide to Ascent

While most pro players rock the turret-molly combo from Killjoy on the Italian map, Cypher is equally viable, with NA Champion Dapr exclusively using him on the map. With Ascent’s slanted surfaces, tiny ledges, and high buildings, Cypher shines as a formidable anchor to either site he decides to grace his presence with. While his setups are formidable, and almost always guarantee a kill if the enemies push carelessly, learning how to create your own, flexible but equally tricky tripwires is a ne